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3 Divisions


The world is divided into the rich, outspoken and quiet.

The rich gets to make the rules and boss others around. They waste the resources and don’t mind the rest of the world. Unless, of course, minding for the less fortunate can benefit themselves.

The outspoken makes the rich feel like they are the reason for ALL the crap in the world. Some smoke pot and get high while others think of ways to get in power.

The quiet pick up the shit the others throw. They remain quiet because they don’t want to make more problems. They’re wondering what would happen when they start talking. Who’s gonna pick up their crap when everyone’s preoccupied making the rules for society?


Music is my life.

It is probably one of the phrases I’ve heard the most during my random web surfing. Also: Your taste in music stinks.

I don’t wanna be one of those wannabe’s who go screaming to the whole world that music is the number one thing on my mind even though I only remember Justin Bieber’s lyrics(for the record, I don’t listen to JB and I only used him as an example) nor do I want to be one of those self-righteous people who preach to anyone who doesn’t listen to Nirvana or some other band that they don’t know¬†fiddlesticks¬†about music. I prefer to be nonpartisan.

See, in this already messed-up-beyond-belief world, do we really need to vote on which artist makes music and which artist makes noise?

As far as I remember from things I’ve been taught, music is noise made more pleasant and tolerable. In time, it has been developed to soothe one and evoke emotion.

And soothing comes in different forms.Some people calm down when they punch a wall or throw a vase or hit the person who caused him or her vexation. Other people prefer to find a quiet place and just sort it out in their mind. It’s different for a lot of human beings.

So to conclude this article I say, no one has a right to discriminate someone because of their taste in music. Just because you don’t agree on the genre or the artist, doesn’t mean his or her taste in music sucks. Your perception in life is just different. Music reflects that.

To Moms

I need honest opinions on certain matters:
1. Do you think baking with your child is an important key for a mother-child relationship?
2. Do you expect your child to have an amazing time in high school just because your child isn’t complaining about bullying?
3. Hypothetically speaking you did not talk to your child about the birds and the bees do you expect them to just figure it out at school?
4. When your child goes mad what is your initial reaction? Do you think your child has developed an attitude even is he or she chooses to remain silent?
5. Do you really expect your little girl to look forward to prom even if she has already been vocal about her negative feelings toward said gathering?
6. Is raising a teenager the hardest part of motherhood?

I’m asking these questions to actually be able to relate more with my mom. I want to know what other mothers really think about these kind of stuff. I really do love my mom but sometimes I just don’t get it how we can’t be on the same page with such an obvious and easy topic. I don’t like it when we’re not on the same page…

To all those who believe going green is a scam

Yes, I am with the go green group and yes, I don’t believe it is a scam. But I do believe that our stay on Mother Earth has already left a deep bruise that cannot be healed unless we all die and she gets a brand new start.

But the thing is, for me, going green isn’t about stopping that change instead just to delay it a little bit more. But why you might say, we all die anyway. Maybe we like to do it for the sake of knowing we did something or to make us feel better about ourselves. We all have different reasons. But the most important point would be: we like trying our best to save as much of Mother Earth as we still can.

So yeah, you might voice out,”Why should we care? We don’t have control and no one can do anything about the destruction of our only home. It’s too late” but I say “Yeah, we’re all gonna die at one point or another but don’t you think that the most appropriate way to end your life and make a mark is not just by enjoying it and not caring about much of other things, but actually do a little small act that can show you helped a bit. You hoped, cared and sacrificed.”

I believe that though our acts may go unnoticed by the people surrounding us, there is God who will judge us.