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In time of cold, I have the sun

The sun loves being the girlfriend of the country that I live in. The Philippines is located near the equator. So it is a given that we get our share of sunlight ALL year long(except during those really dark rainy days). Really lucky.

I downloaded this app that showcases street fashion all over the world. As I scanned the pics, I saw pictures of girls wearing coats, boots, scarves and everything else considered stylish during the winter season. I, therefore, deduced that it is winter in most top and bottom parts of the world.

I looked at the pictures and decided I wanted to wear those types of clothing during the group filming we were supposed to have today-which was cancelled due to some parental issues. Then I realized I’m gonna sweat like a pig and die in those clothes.

See, the dress code for most people here is: shorts and a simple tee. Which, considering the weather, is pretty reasonable.

Unfortunately for me, I would be more suitable for the slightly colder weather. I wouldn’t be ridiculed if I decided I wanna wear a leather jacket or boots. The irony of life can even be witnessed in my preferences in clothes. But it doesn’t end there…

I’m one of those people who love noodles and coffee. Even if I am nowhere near 18, I prefer coffee over milk. Anytime. As for noodles, I find it a tastier substitute to rice, even if rice is still a staple in my life. The foods mentioned are known to be hot- most of the time.

I also prefer having a comforter wrapped around my body. But I can’t do that if my parents find it too cold and switch off the A/C. The night air is cool even without the A/C.But it’s not cool enough. So I have to settle for a thin little blanket. I like the feeling of something wrapping me.

It’s like how everyone says life just likes to show that you can’t get everything you want. And it shows even in the littlest of things. Don’t you just love it? Anyways, have a good day or night… really depends on where you are. 🙂


Tweaking with wires.

A lot of men find women complicated. I am a girl and even I can say I am perplexed.

10 random facts on why:

1. We want someone to tell us we’re pretty, but when they do we deny it.
2. We want to do a lot of things but we get scared of judgement.
3. We don’t want to be criticized but when it comes to others, we have built-in poison tongues.
4. We feel like guys should know what goes on in our minds and they should act accordingly.
5. We expect everyone to act in a way that can please us and get vexed when they do otherwise.
6. We pretend we’re not mad when deep inside we’re just one more millimeter from exploding.
7. We don’t want to explain when deep inside we just want that one person beside us to catch our tears.
8. We insult and batter ourselves emotionally when we just want appreciation.
9. We are very open to compliments but we find it a bit too awkward.
10. We twist everything so we can satisfy our desires and doubt, then get mad when told our reasoning is wrong.

I am up for girl power, but sometimes I think women are a bit too ahead of themselves(men are also be like that).
I now fight for equality. Because in truth, both can’t live without the other.