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Eating a hotdog is art.

Eating a hotdog in a bun has proved to be extremely difficult to eat for me since I was a teeny weeny girl. I always spilled the sauce a bit. Contents would be all over the table by the time I finish. So after a couple more of tries, I gave up.


Fast forward to 10 years later, I found myself ordering a hotdog. I knew it was going to be a challenge. And when the food arrived, I could only stare at it.

Seeing my friends eat, I knew I had to take a bite. I opened my mouth as wide as it can go. With that first bite, I already knew I looked ridiculous. So I went on with my lack of care of etiquette. With the last bite, I just stuffed the remaining parts in my mouth. I never realized there was still so much. I wasn’t able to talk for a minute. My friends stared at me and I just shrugged my shoulders.

Hotdogs taste extremely well but prove to be more challenging than your regular burger. After that episode, I realized I just had to train myself more to get the perfect result of looking like a normal person when I eat hotdog in a bun. Hopefully.