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My mom has foreseen the future.

I never thought my mom actually saw me as a kid who would probably never end up with someone. I thought I was the only one in the household who thought that. Kids in my school would most likely agree with me, but they’re a different story. My mom is… my mom. 

But again, she is my mom and I tell her a LOT of things. She has caught up on the fact that guys don’t   knock on my door and confess their complete undying infatuation to me. She must have understood during prom, when no one asked me to dance. Moms know things in a way that I can’t comprehend. Like a boss. 

We had our normal uneventful supper. As I was busy imagining scenarios that included my biases, my mom decided to start a conversation with a topic that came completely out of the blue.

Mom: Do you have plans of marrying after school?

Me: Ummm… yes? I don’t even have a boyfriend yet! 

Mom: Oh… good. Me and your dad want another chance at raising children. So a grandchild or two would be nice.

Me: Huh?

Mom: Anyways, if you can’t find anyone in the future, I’ll look for you. I’ll set you up.

Me: Thanks…. o.O

I’ve gotta appreciate my mom for boosting up my self-confidence there. Thanks mommy!

Do moms do these kinds of things a lot? 


Happy Single Awareness Day!

I shall make this day about the single people out there who scream “I’M FOREVER ALONE!”. Don’t worry I’ll be alone with you. Along with my constant companions: music and food. We’ll make this day so special unicorns will be jealous.

Let us make some plans for today: 

1. Listen to S.A.D. by Joseph Vincent

2. Eat chocolates.

3. Go to school.

4. Give some chocolate (OPTIONAL).

5. Eat chocolates.

6. Write notes so teacher won’t scold you.

7. Greet everyone “Happy Valentine’s!” 

8. Eat chocolates.

9. Go home. 

10. Eat chocolates and popcorn.

11. Think about the weight gained.

12. Eat chocolates.

13. Fan girl.

14. Eat chocolates.

15. Sleep.

And that is how you celebrate Valentine’s Day.