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Time For Some Self-appreciation

Time For Some Self-appreciation

Totally did this. Didn’t need anyone to make chocolate taste so damn good.


Happy Single Awareness Day!

I shall make this day about the single people out there who scream “I’M FOREVER ALONE!”. Don’t worry I’ll be alone with you. Along with my constant companions: music and food. We’ll make this day so special unicorns will be jealous.

Let us make some plans for today: 

1. Listen to S.A.D. by Joseph Vincent

2. Eat chocolates.

3. Go to school.

4. Give some chocolate (OPTIONAL).

5. Eat chocolates.

6. Write notes so teacher won’t scold you.

7. Greet everyone “Happy Valentine’s!” 

8. Eat chocolates.

9. Go home. 

10. Eat chocolates and popcorn.

11. Think about the weight gained.

12. Eat chocolates.

13. Fan girl.

14. Eat chocolates.

15. Sleep.

And that is how you celebrate Valentine’s Day. 


Girls were huddling. Guys were picking corsages. Bulbs flashing away. Pink and blue gowns were swaying and heels were clicking against the pavement. The air was filled with pre-party jitters and anticipation for friends. It was officially prom night.

The girls transformed and became princesses for the night. The boys… not so much. I did like their eclectic barongs though. 

I didn’t expect much from prom. Just that, it won’t be different from other parties. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t hope. I still hoped someone would ask me to dance. I still hoped that I’d have fun and I can tell myself, “You were wrong after all. ” In the end, I was able to say, “I was right.” I didn’t know being right can suck. 


The moon goes to hide

While the rain starts to pour

Girls walk down the aisle

Boys wait with smiles

Parents beaming

Cameras clicking

It was a night to remember

and gain some memoirs

There was eating and drinking

And LOTS of dancing

Some hanging out

Most letting go

Forgetting much else

We’re not waiting for midnight bells

Time to let the night slip away

Time for problems to stay at bay

Time to have fun

Get wild and just run

Tonight is the night

Everyone is wild and free



The Unforgettable Night

Imma write first because I seriously don’t feel like sleeping yet. Insomnia.

In two days time, we will be having our prom. Woopdidoo! Woohoo.

My teacher told me it’s the night EVERYONE’s been waiting for their whole lives. Au contrair. I’ve been dreading it since I heard it. But the teachers don’t know that. So why do they choose to ruin prom for the kids who decide not to suck up to them?

It’s like this: once the popular and the rich people have their partners they choose for the… Not so known ones. Now since there is a shortage of boys from the third and fourth year (THERE’S SO MUCH GIRLS IN OUR SCHOOL THAT I THINK WE SHOULD JUST TRANSFER ALL THE BOYS INTO ONE CLASSROOM SO THEY HAVE THEIR OWN SECTION AND THE GIRLS GET THE REST) they chose some unfortunate kids in the 2nd year. Now that won’t be much of a problem if only they assigned a different boy for each girl who didn’t have a partner. But no… They chose to conserve and reuse the boys over and over again. So it would look like the guy is a chic magnet- even if it’s so obvious he’s not.

Another concern of mine about this recycling thing going on is that not all the girls can dance. Sure we can, if they chop off the poor kid and distribute him to every girl he’s supposed to escort. But that would raise concern and law suits. Very messy. But there’s also another way… Have some guy actually ask you to dance with him. Here, that kind of thing is like confessing. In a more subtle way. So yeah. Not happening with me. Maybe some other lucky girl, but me? I’d rather goof off with my friends or play Unblock Me.
Yep. Forever alone xD

Asides from that, they’ve ruined a good chance to show off our individuality. The only thing I actually liked about prom was the gowns. Beautiful dresses that make the girls look extra stunning. I know there are rules. But in my school, we have a color code. Blue for the juniors while pink for the seniors. I promised myself to wear black for prom. But now I have to settle for a dark shade of blue. Aaaaaaaaw! 😦

Teachers don’t need us to ruin our prom. They ruin 75% of it already all by themselves. They play favorites. Throw out the not so important- as if the rich would pay them bonuses if they join the cotillion. And boss us around because we are their little adorable puppets in blue and pink gowns and barongs. You gotta love the administrators. ^.^

Last question for tonight though: why do they bother with hypocrisy when everyone can see through their lies?

Innocence is sweet.


Yesterday, we experienced 3 earthquakes. They were a bit stronger than the others I’ve experienced my entire life(not that I’ve experienced that much). People were panicking, my friends were terrified and I was trying to remain as calm as possible. We didn’t mind the first shake because we thought nothing would follow it. But after the second shake, we left the place we were eating in and went to school knowing we’d be safer if we weren’t in a such a closed and crowded place.


Coming in, I saw the students and teachers staying by the court. We decided to join a couple of our schoolmates by the benches. And then, a third quake came. The basketball hoop shook and I know we were in more danger as long as there’s a roof on top of us. We walked as calmly as we can to the open court. Then did I realize everyone else was there. My friends were talking animatedly and then I learned that some people were in the room and witness our ceiling falling down. Thank goodness they left right before the ceiling fell (I kinda blame the 2nd year students above us because they like to stomp, play basketball and run around.) No one was harmed. 

As I scanned the crowd, I noticed the little kids crowded and crouching in one area with the nuns and teachers around them. They were shaken and confused. To calm them down, the administrators started giving them candy and chocolates. They relaxed after that. While the older ones were talking, waiting for another shake and calling their loved ones, the little kids were enjoying the sweets. They made me miss being a child more. 

When we were kids, we have a care for anything in the world. We trusted easily. Life was so simple in our eyes. But then we grew up and things just started to get bunched up and complex. Their innocence makes me remember that not everything is bad in this screwed up world. No one has a right to take away their innocence at their tender ages. 

I  just wish that when they grow older, they won’t rush  to being adults. It’s not always what it seems. 


The ceiling after the earthquakes

They give me hope for a better day. Smile 🙂

Mouth Dropping

It’s the last day of the first month of the so-called last year. Woohoo! We lasted a month! Record-breaking.

A short list of some of the things I have achieved over the course of one month:
1. Oversleep
2. Overthink
3. Learn more foreign words
4. Download more than a hundred apps
5. Sleep too late
6. Make myself seem more anti-social
7. Finish 2 books
8. Finish off my free 4 hours call
9. Get broken-hearted
10. Learn the meaning of et al. which is et alia

These are all remarkable achievements. Life is a bit about making the small things seem
bigger. To make mundane activities seem like they’re the most creative things in the world.

For the next month, my goal is to shared the LOVE and my AWESOMENESS. Oui. That shall be it.

Tweaking with wires.

A lot of men find women complicated. I am a girl and even I can say I am perplexed.

10 random facts on why:

1. We want someone to tell us we’re pretty, but when they do we deny it.
2. We want to do a lot of things but we get scared of judgement.
3. We don’t want to be criticized but when it comes to others, we have built-in poison tongues.
4. We feel like guys should know what goes on in our minds and they should act accordingly.
5. We expect everyone to act in a way that can please us and get vexed when they do otherwise.
6. We pretend we’re not mad when deep inside we’re just one more millimeter from exploding.
7. We don’t want to explain when deep inside we just want that one person beside us to catch our tears.
8. We insult and batter ourselves emotionally when we just want appreciation.
9. We are very open to compliments but we find it a bit too awkward.
10. We twist everything so we can satisfy our desires and doubt, then get mad when told our reasoning is wrong.

I am up for girl power, but sometimes I think women are a bit too ahead of themselves(men are also be like that).
I now fight for equality. Because in truth, both can’t live without the other.