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3 Divisions


The world is divided into the rich, outspoken and quiet.

The rich gets to make the rules and boss others around. They waste the resources and don’t mind the rest of the world. Unless, of course, minding for the less fortunate can benefit themselves.

The outspoken makes the rich feel like they are the reason for ALL the crap in the world. Some smoke pot and get high while others think of ways to get in power.

The quiet pick up the shit the others throw. They remain quiet because they don’t want to make more problems. They’re wondering what would happen when they start talking. Who’s gonna pick up their crap when everyone’s preoccupied making the rules for society?


About benildraaaaaawr

I am one of those teenagers who want to find out more about themselves and sort the havoc in their slowly unfolding mind. I also have a tendency to say 'Awesome' a lot just like how Barbie giggles 'Totally' and Sharpay goes 'Fabulous'. AWEEEEEEEESOME.

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