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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Mouth Dropping

It’s the last day of the first month of the so-called last year. Woohoo! We lasted a month! Record-breaking.

A short list of some of the things I have achieved over the course of one month:
1. Oversleep
2. Overthink
3. Learn more foreign words
4. Download more than a hundred apps
5. Sleep too late
6. Make myself seem more anti-social
7. Finish 2 books
8. Finish off my free 4 hours call
9. Get broken-hearted
10. Learn the meaning of et al. which is et alia

These are all remarkable achievements. Life is a bit about making the small things seem
bigger. To make mundane activities seem like they’re the most creative things in the world.

For the next month, my goal is to shared the LOVE and my AWESOMENESS. Oui. That shall be it.


Tweaking with wires.

A lot of men find women complicated. I am a girl and even I can say I am perplexed.

10 random facts on why:

1. We want someone to tell us we’re pretty, but when they do we deny it.
2. We want to do a lot of things but we get scared of judgement.
3. We don’t want to be criticized but when it comes to others, we have built-in poison tongues.
4. We feel like guys should know what goes on in our minds and they should act accordingly.
5. We expect everyone to act in a way that can please us and get vexed when they do otherwise.
6. We pretend we’re not mad when deep inside we’re just one more millimeter from exploding.
7. We don’t want to explain when deep inside we just want that one person beside us to catch our tears.
8. We insult and batter ourselves emotionally when we just want appreciation.
9. We are very open to compliments but we find it a bit too awkward.
10. We twist everything so we can satisfy our desires and doubt, then get mad when told our reasoning is wrong.

I am up for girl power, but sometimes I think women are a bit too ahead of themselves(men are also be like that).
I now fight for equality. Because in truth, both can’t live without the other.

Don’t we get a say in the mess you made?


Because it’s the way things go round

She waits day by day
Hoping to hear what she wants him to say
He’s out with friends
And one special lady to tend
She leaves in tears
Confirming her worst fears
He comes and looks
Realizing she had limits too
He yearns for her
And thinks he can get her back
He says he’ll improve on what he lacks
As long as they get back on track
She believes with all her love
Thinking for once, she’d be above
All the girls he brings to bed
That now he won’t leave her for dead
So again the cycle repeats
With her hoping
And him still not caring.

What else do I have to say?

I thank God for everyday

For still letting me stay

But with gratitude comes fear

Of losing things I find very dear


I don’t wanna lose our only home

Everyone has a right to live

But with our progression

Comes certain depression

Sloth and poverty

We never thought we’d see

I guess I’d rather have the olden days

With grass and sunny rays

But too little too late

Decided is our fate


My family would cause me grief

For one day Fate shall be a thief

Steal away time and memories

Life shall just start to cease

It’s all part of the cycle

We all have to accept

I just need them a bit longer

Until I get courage and fear no longer


I have yet to try

To make a boy cry

To feel his love and passion

For it would show in his actions

To be one’s joy

Not just some rebound or toy

I have yet to achieve this little dream

As impossible as it may seem


I am terrified 

For I’m not yet satisfied

But now I wonder

If I’ll ever get pacified

And say I’m done with this ride

I’m pretty sure it’s not now

No not today

So tonight I’ll pray

To be able to have more time

And save a couple of dimes.


Just a bunch of confusing questions.

1. To people who don’t want to seem cliche, is it not cliche to not want to be cliche since a lot of people don’t wanna be cliche?

2.  What do you get when you post a picture of your injured body on Facebook?

3. Who invented corruption?

4. Where are all the selfless and wise people of the world? Why are they not part of the government?

5. Why can’t the world stop seeing everything as debt and just give?

6. Why do we say we know the right thing to do when obviously we don’t because the world is still screwed right now?

7. What makes us so sane and others so crazy? What is the hallucinations are real and we’re the blind ones?

8. What can we have done to prevent the meltdown of Mother Earth?

9. Why does the news only show news about the corrupt officials of our government? Aren’t there more interesting and worthwhile news anymore?

10. Why is there no food in the fridge?

Music is my life.

It is probably one of the phrases I’ve heard the most during my random web surfing. Also: Your taste in music stinks.

I don’t wanna be one of those wannabe’s who go screaming to the whole world that music is the number one thing on my mind even though I only remember Justin Bieber’s lyrics(for the record, I don’t listen to JB and I only used him as an example) nor do I want to be one of those self-righteous people who preach to anyone who doesn’t listen to Nirvana or some other band that they don’t know fiddlesticks about music. I prefer to be nonpartisan.

See, in this already messed-up-beyond-belief world, do we really need to vote on which artist makes music and which artist makes noise?

As far as I remember from things I’ve been taught, music is noise made more pleasant and tolerable. In time, it has been developed to soothe one and evoke emotion.

And soothing comes in different forms.Some people calm down when they punch a wall or throw a vase or hit the person who caused him or her vexation. Other people prefer to find a quiet place and just sort it out in their mind. It’s different for a lot of human beings.

So to conclude this article I say, no one has a right to discriminate someone because of their taste in music. Just because you don’t agree on the genre or the artist, doesn’t mean his or her taste in music sucks. Your perception in life is just different. Music reflects that.